Nortek to launch "GoControl DIY Security"

Nortel is rebranding Linear and 2GIG, and creating a “GoControl” DIY division to cater directly to homeowners in what appears to be the home automation market.

Methinks once the GC3 releases, Nortek may re-release the “Go!Control” panel directly to consumers as a system on par with the Mi Casa Verde Vera/VeraLite Home Controller…all it would take is a firmware update to remove alarm/security sensor aspects, UI changes, 900mhz tranceiver, and the Go!Bridge for IP connectivity (the GC3 will probably not need the Go!Bridge I suspect), and you got yourself a dedicated home controller.

Then again, the Go!Control may be marketed as the new “lifeshield-like” direct to the DIY market, security/home automation system…

GoControl will extend to an expansive new line of stand-alone smart home wireless products (such as light switches, smart light bulbs, thermostats and other retail oriented connected devices) that will be available during the second quarter of 2015 in order to meet the burgeoning demands of DIY homeowners. The GoControl smart products line will not require professional installation or managed services.

For more info, see:

Bumped…anyone have info on this, and exactly what “GoControl DIY Security” is going to be?

I don’t but it sounds like a good thing.

Looks like a lot of change coming in 2015… which will hopefully be a good thing.

Good heads up, thanks rive.

This is the telling part I think…

Linear is being rebranded as the Nortek Security & Control Group and will include the Linear and 2GIG brands, along with a new GoControl brand targeting DIY security installations.

My theory is 2GIG’s gonna fork. They realize DIY security is big bussiness, maybe even the future. Managed GC3 goes one way…DIY GoControl the other.

This allows them to capitalize and profit off the first gen 2GIG panel long after the GC3 is out, competing for marketshare with brands such as mi casa Verde, iris, lifeshield, and simplisafe

Another article out today:

Seems like it’s mostly a brand recognition effort. Which, based on the grid in the picture, is going to do the exact opposite of what they’re intending. “2gig” devices as entry level (or dealer-only), “GoControl” as mainstream (or diy), and “Elan” as high-end. Although they reference Bose, Sonos, and Nest… they seem to have missed the key attribute to the success of each brand in their respective marketplace: ONE brand, clean and simple.

Oh and the thermostats are far too-little, too-late. Aside from being HUGE.

Underwhelmed by Nortek’s showing at CES. Where’s GC3?? In reading through this article, I’m wondering where Nortek will be a few of years from now… when/if the new players in home automation reveal a play into home security.

We’ve been told that we may have an update on a release date for the GC3 in the next month. Highly anticipated, but we’ve stopped holding our breath on timing.

Nice… that’ll likely be my trigger for a jump to you guys for monitoring :wink: