Nortek owner of 2gig acquired by investment firm

Any take on what this will mean for the future of 2gig?

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Hard to tell this early, but I imagine a net positive. From what I can find, Nortek looks like it may be a more consumer product focused manufacturer than prior acquisitions.

Nortek is the parent company of Linear/2GIG. I am not surprised that they are selling out after aquiring 2GIG from Blackstone (Vivint parent).

That whole 2GIG brand separation from 2GIG GoControl brand fiasco just seemed asinine to me.

With the way they have been delaying (initial release) and dragging their heels on the GC3 firmware, secondary panel (not pad1), and feature activation (wifi, partitioning), I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the GC3 sales are flailing as well.