Non-alarm notifications

Does your Gold Interactive plan include non-alarm notifications to the mobile device?

Yes. This page shows additional features included in each package.

OK - yes, I did see that chart but it does not specifically say “non-alarm notifications” so I wanted to be sure before I switch my monitoring. Thanks!

What kind of notifications are you asking about? Depending on the sensors and z-wave devices you have connected, there are a variety of non-alarm notifications possible. Things like doors/windows being opened and closed, thermostats being changed either manually or by pre-set rules, arm/disarm actions and a bunch of others. The depth of options in the backend is pretty impressive.

If you have specific items you’re asking about in particular it would be easy to give you a definitive answer.


I currently have monitoring through another company (the backend is still I am thinking about switching because the other company is more expensive for what seems to be the same service you offer with Gold Interactive. I have it currently setup so that when I open the front door (2gig thin door/window contact) that a notification is sent to my cell phone. This is a non-alarm situation (system not armed). I have the app on my cell phone setup for push notifications therefore I setup to send me a notification instead of an email (but both options are available on I wanted to make sure that your Gold service also enables this feature on I can send you the name of the other company privately if you want to see what they offer in their Gold plan and their pricing. Thanks!

Yes, if a notification is available through, it is available with our service.

Sensor activity monitoring notifications (like the real-time door-open one you mentioned) are available with Gold. Which specialized notifications you have access to will be determined by what equipment you have installed with your system.

Yes. You would be able to set this same notification with our Gold Interactive service.

Yes x3

OK - thanks all. I will give notice to the other company.

This page may be useful for anyone considering switching to DIY.