No Test Timer

I just got off the phone with the monitoring center and they stated my system was having a issue. They see an error that reads “No Test Timer”. What should I do to fix this issue?

This just means your panel is not sending an auto phone test at the proper intervals (default monthly)

Looking at your history I am not seeing automatic phone tests at all over the last couple months, though signaling looks fine. It is likely that you have phone test timer altered in programming.

On the GC3, see Q36 in system configuration. It can be set between 0 and 255 (number of days) by default this will be 30.

If this is set to 30, the tests are not being forwarded properly by the panel as they are not visible in ADC. One thing to help troubleshoot is to update the firmware of the panel. Currently the panel is running launch firmware, and many updates and improvements have come out since then.

In fact, 3.0.1 states in the change log that it improves periodic test performance. You can view firmware links and descriptions here.