no radio status or cell test button

I have a Vivint Go Control panel. I replaced the cell module with a new Verizon LTE module from Surety. I successfully updated the firmware the from Surety’s website. I purchased a monitoring package. When I went to do a cell test, the radio status and cell test buttons are not on the screen. Q91 is set to 1.

Any ideas?


Did you replace the module with the panel powered up? The panel should be completely powered down before making any physical changes.

In any case, the best first step to troubleshoot here would be to power cycle the panel by unplugging the transformer, then the internal battery, wait a minute, then plug in the battery followed by the transformer. Wait a few minutes after boot-up, then check the cell radio test. Any luck?

Ah! If you have the newest LTE module you need 1.19 firmware, downloadable here. The newest modules are marginally different and require 1.19. See the product page here.

Worked great. Thanks for the help.