No iPhone Custom Notification Sounds???

Iphone does not allow custom push notification sounds??
So receiving a random email gives me the same notification as
my property being broken into?
Well that’s entirely useless, wow thanks apple.
Please tell me this is not true.

Which phone, ios version are you utilizing?

This is not currently possible with the iphone platform. You can adjust where the banner notification appears on the screen and whether or not it plays sound, but you cannot change the chime itself.

This has been brought up to and I have requested this change on your behalf however there is not ETA on when or if this might become available.

There is the capacity for apps themselves to contain and trigger custom alert sounds on the iOS platform. I have a mass communication application that’s used in our IT environment that does just that so I know it’s possible. An ADC developer will have to take the time to look into it.

Yes, we actually have an open ticket request with the ADC dev team regarding this.

Glad to hear this.
If there will be some sort of notification when that happens, please add me to the list. Thanks! !