No Humidity Display

I can not get the humidity display working.
I bought the ADC T2000 from Surety. I also checked and the version is 1.5.
It does not appear on the website nor the app.
Can you help with this?

Happy to help! Looking at the account unfortunately I see the issue that is preventing the humidity display.

On Simon panels humidity display requires a newer firmware on your communication module (185b or later). Your current module does not support humidity details and would need to be replaced with a newer module. There is no way to upgrade the firmware of a simon module aside from minor updates to the same version (179a to 179b, etc.)

We do not stock Simon modules at this time, but newer modules are available from a variety of sources online (and on Amazon typically) just be sure it is 185b or later firmware.

If you do end up swapping the communication module, we would need to adjust the module number in your account. You can submit the new module number and module swap request via our secure message tool here.