No Entry Delay?

Twice this month my 2GIG panel has alarmed immediately after I enter. I just checked, and the door sensor is set as “Exit/Entry 1” with the standard delay timer. MOST days it works properly. I know “No Entry Delay” is an option when arming, and I’m sure the box “No Entry Delay” was not checked when the panel was armed.

What other steps can I take to investigate this, and try to prevent this from happening?

(I did try searching the forum, the only similar post I found was 2 years old. The only reply was “Did you select the no delay option?”)


Ok, never mind, my daughter has admitting to clicking the “No Delay” box when she armed the panel.

It would be nice if the log (on the panel, on indicated that was chosen when the panel was armed.

I hate to say it, but I would ask are you absolutely certain that “No Entry Delay” wasn’t activated by accident?

I found both times that sensor reported an alarm this month, and the first one was after the system was armed Stay with “No Entry Delay” from a remote command.

I would not be able to see if “no entry delay” was selected at the panel, which is the opposite. When arming at the panel, the check box should be checked, as it is by default activated every time and a checked box indicates that Entry Delay is active. Unchecking the box on the panel screen turns off entry delay.

***I didn’t notice there had been an update. Yes, I agree it would be better to see that in the history, though I am not sure if that is something the 2GIG panel is set up to report. It may be a 2GIG firmware limitation. We will forward the request to ADC.