No Cell Phone Test

I just installed a system. After getting the welcome email, I went to the panel and tried to run a cell phone test, and that option is not available on the panel to use. Is there something I need to do before to be able to successfully run a cell phone test and get the system up and running?

A few follow up questions:

Who was your previous provider?
What version firmware do you have?
Have you done any updates to the firmware yourself?

If none of these apply, where in this process are you getting stuck?

  1. From the home screen (available by pushing the round button on the right under the screen) click on the icon at the lower right hand corner of the screen
  2. Enter the installer code (this will take you to the installer tool kit)
  3. Press the lowest option on the left side of the screen, “Radio Status”
  4. Push the “cell phone test” button at the lower right hand corner of the screen

Another point to remember, the installer code and master code are different. We reset the installer code and let you know what we’ve changed it to. The master code is by default “1111” and is changed by the end user for extra security purposes as we have no need to know it. Entering the master code, instead of the installer code, will keep you from getting to step 3.

If you got welcome email, cell is running.

Reboot panel if you don’t see cell test (disconnect battery lead, remove AC power adapter from wall plug, reconnect battery, then AC adapter)

There are two ways to access cell test…

Security/menu/toolbox/enter master user code/right arrow till you see ‘cell phone test’

Home button/logo bottom right screen corner/installer code/radio status/cell phone test