No call from Central station

My alarm went off a couple days back and I never received a call from Central station. I also sent a support email and never got a response.

Happy to help!

It looks like you are referring to an incident on 11/29/2019, correct?

The monitoring station did not receive a signal in this case and would not act on the alarm due to the Dialer Delay setting on the panel.

Dialer Delay is a period of time after triggering an alarm and before the alarm signal is forwarded to the monitoring station to act on it. This gives you time to disarm after an accidental activation. You can adjust dialer delay settings as needed. It is found on the panel under Settings > Advanced Settings > Installation > Siren and Alarms

If you look in on the Activity page, you will see an event on that day stating that a Pending Alarm occurred. Pending means that dialer delay is active. If the panel is disarmed during the delay period no signal is sent to the monitoring station.

It looks like this was submitted as a support ticket through on that day of the event. There is a response from one of our support team members that day in history. Did you not receive a notification of that?

You can check your support ticket in by clicking the Help button in the upper right corner and selecting Support Center.