NightEye Integration in the Future

I work for a plumbing/hvac supply company and we have begun stocking and selling the liberty pump NightEye product for sump pump monitoring and alarm. It looks to be wifi based with their own app but wondered if might have some integration for this in the future? Here is a link to their page.

Again I am in no way trying to promote this (I haven’t even reviewed it yet)! I am just curious if this is on the product integration roadmap as I might be interested in one if so and there doesn’t seem to be anything in that area other than just water alarms.

I also have a second completely unrelated question.
Do you guys have a listing of what appliance zwave devices also do energy metering? I would really like to get a few of the type that meter usage to try and track some specific energy usage in the house. It looked like the ones on your site are sold out so was looking for alternative devices if they aren’t manufactured anymore. I already have installed the main meter at my breaker panel.

I’m not aware of any plans regarding this, although new integration is pretty much always being looked into.

Current monitoring options can be found described here.

I will say that the linked product you posted looks like it costs a good deal more than the parts to use the current compatible monitoring.

For ADC you would need the sensor and Heavy Duty Smart Switch. Could substitute the flood sensor with a wired float sensor connected to a wireless transmitter. This would be nearly identical, just using Z-wave rather than Wifi.

The best options for energy metering can be found on the hardware page.

These include:

GE / JASCO 45653
Smart Energy Switch
Heavy Duty Smart Switch

I was under the impression that those weren’t widely available anymore? You guys don’t have stock of them either correct? Any other options anyone else has found that might be newer that works with latest versions of firmware?

Thanks again!

You guys don’t have stock of them either correct?

suretyDIY does not sell all compatible Z-wave devices. Keep in mind we do not require products to be purchased from us in order to use them on your account. In fact, for Z-wave devices there are some good deals that can be found and we encourage it!

Other devices I’ve used include the Aeotec micro smart switches.