Newly added 2 car detached garage

Hello, I have a 2gig system and built a 2 car detached garage. It has 2 rollup type garage doors and one regular door. The building is metal with dirt floor. What will be the best way to add this to my system. My panel is about 30 feet away from the garage.

This is a bit tricky if the construction is all metal, but there are ways around most obstacles.

Are there any windows to secure as well or just the doors?

As far as sensors for the doors, if you want them to be alarm sensors and not simply notification sensors, it would typically be best to use a wired contact connected to a transmitter.

The metal building will prove very difficult to get a signal to the panel, so using the wired contacts is very helpful in that you could drill and run the cables outside the metal wall and mount an outdoor wireless contact with wired inputs.

Here are a couple pictures. The rear door has a small window on it but is foam filled metal also.



Your most likely solution is a few of the above linked outdoor wireless contacts (they have a wired contact input) and two garage overhead door sensors and a simple wired door contact.

You may be able to use the wireless sensors inside the garage, but more than likely they would need to be mounted externally (metal will typically cause major problems for RF sensor signals.) They could be mounted in a plastic housing for added protection.

The wired overhead garage door contacts are a good idea. I wired mine to a DW10 (includes leads for wired sensors). 30’ isn’t much… optimal range is 100’ (max is 350’)

Place a wireless sensor in the garage, test to see signal strength at panel… if green, good to go.

I would avoid tilt sensors if I were you. They are prone to false alarms (a good gust of wind against garage door will set them off).

These are better for attached garages, so temp may be a consideration if you get below freezing. In that case, another sensor other than the DW10 may be necessary.

4 yrs, numerous tornado warnings (high wind gusts), and not one false alarm activation with the garage sensor

Hit logo at bottom right of screen
Enter installer code
System configuration
Right arrow to blank sensor location
Down arrow
**(02) exit/entry 2
Down arrow
(0862) dw10
Down arrow
Learn serial (or hit shift then learn)
Pull magnet away from switch to get serial programmed
Down arrow
(0) new equip
Down arrow
*Loop (1) 1
Down arrow
(0) disable dialer delay
Down arrow
Voice descriptor (“insert”, enter code…example ‘Garage Door’ code is “101” and “058” for all codes see: Descriptor codes)
Down arrow
(1) report enabled
Down arrow
(1) supervised enabled
Down arrow
(01) voice only

The garage doors are roll up type and not overhead. Not sure I see how the sensor would be mounted on this type of door. Where would I get the outside sensors linked above?

The wired overhead door sensor would need to be mounted to the floor or low on the wall of the garage, with the magnet mounted in such a way the closed door closes the reed switch circuit.

Amazon has them listed.

Thanks for all the great tips! I purchased a Tane-66 wg sensor (2) and Honeywell 5816WMWH transmitters. Can I wire 2 sensors together into one transmitter? When closed there would be no alarm and when either sensor was moved would open and trigger the alarm?

The RE201 sensor can accept two distinct wired inputs. If only one input is present on the sensor (it appears that model has only one) you can wire the two garage door sensors together in series. This would cause the circuit to open whenever either door moved.

I’ve added the 5816 sensor to a normal door with a door knob. I’ve added it with the following parameters.
zone type- 3 perimeteer
equipment code- 0637
serial- added
sensor loop- 2 internal switch
dialer delay- enabled
voice descriptor- rear garage door
sensor reports- 1 enabled
sensor supervised- enabled
sensor chime- 1 voice only

Are these correct settings, thanks.

An important distinction is whether this door would be used as an entry point. If it will not be, perimeter is fine.

This door is an entry point to the garage ONLY. The garage is detached from the house.My intent is to also add the two rollup garage doors as perimeter points also.

Then that would be correct. You would program the same sensor serial number in (presuming you use it for the wired contacts) and use Loop 1 for the Garage Doors.