Newbie here: Will a smart lock also act as a door sensor?

I’m putting together my first alarm system, and was planning to put a compatible smart keypad lock on my front door (exact model TBD). Will I also need to install a door sensor on the front door as well, or will the smart lock also act as a sort of door sensor for the system?

Any other tips for a newbie before I pull the trigger? Planning on one panel for now, two regular door sensors, one recessed door sensor (or maybe two depending on the answer to this question!). Later on adding a glass break sensor and doorbell. Cameras likely in a different ecosystem, POE.

A Z-wave Door Lock will not act as a sensor, no. A separate alarm sensor would be needed on the door.

Z-wave door locks are battery operated devices with limited range and typically require assistance from repeating Z-wave nodes for good signaling. Consider one or two repeating Z-wave devices like light switches or plug in appliance modules for improved signaling.