New T3000 Thermostat

Does anyone have feedback on the new thermostat? I’ll be in the market soon for new smart thermostats, and I’ll need two…one for downstairs and upstairs.

I all ready have an account with our provider so it should be a seamless integration. How does the T3000 stack up against the 3rd gen Nest? I can get 2 of them for the price of one Nest.

Any other smart thermostat I should be considering?


The T3000 offers more on board control, broader HVAC compatibility and features over its predecessor. It is also easier to install both in terms of the terminal block and mounting plate but with auto detection of wiring through

More information on compatibility and features can be found here.

While I can’t specifically compare the NEST 3 to the T3000, if using you will have more control options via with the T3000 than the NEST tstat. features available with Nest Integration include:

-Current target temperature control
-Current mode control (Heat, Cool)
-Scene thermostat control including:
-Temperature control
-Mode control
-Fan control