New Rules for ‍Alarm.‍com‍ Smart Chime

Property owners with multiple video doorbells can now have each device play a unique chime. This ensures you always know which door to answer. Additionally, you can create time-bound rules — for example, silencing your chime every day during nap time.

What’s new

  • Increased control: Create time-bound rules to silence the chime during certain hours or play fun chimes during holidays.
  • Greater awareness: Multiple doorbells on a property? Now you can select different chime tones, so you always know which door to answer.

Alarm.‍com‍ Smart Chime

  • Easy customization: Home or business owners can choose from a range of unique chime tones right from the app or website.
  • Stronger signal: The chime acts as a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi repeater, ensuring the strongest possible signal inside and outside of the property.
  • Wide compatibility: The chime works with all video doorbells and is a required accessory for the 780B Video Doorbell (ADC-VDB780B).