New products sticky

Would you consider making a sticky where you and others can post newly released sensors, products, accessories that work with the 2 Gig panel? Ideally I could subscribe and be notified as new products are released into the market

Product compatibility with the panel is largely limited to firmware updates, so the best way to determine new official compatibility for Z-wave devices etc., would be to subscribe to the firmware thread here.

For general product availability with I can definitely see the value in an all-encompassing thread for ADC compatible services and products in addition to release notes and individual announcements, since the overall thread could be subscribed to.

I’ll push this up the ladder and let you know!

Just so everyone knows. 2GIG has some pretty cool and new sensors.

One is a gun lock that goes on the trigger of a firearm. If it is moved it triggers. 2GIG-GNGRD1-345

Another new item are stove and grill alert guards. They tell you if your stove o r grill has been left on 2GIG-STVGRL1-345

Finally they released outdoor gate/door sensors that are weatheproof 2GIG-DW30-345

Yes, there are a few new sensors from 2GIG that were announced. They have begun to ship recently. There is also the 2GIG-FT6-345 leak and flood detector.

I’ve had some hands-on with the Stove guard sensor, which is very slick, though unfortunately it is not 100% universal (unless something changed in the design).

We will undoubtedly be evaluating and adding sensors based on demand. I would expect the outdoor DW30 sensor to be the first available, shortly. It also has a wired input for wired sensors so it can be a full replacement of the 5816OD. I do not have any pricing info quite yet.