New Products: PowerG Everywhere

Available now for the Qolsys IQ Panel 4, along with the IQ4 Hub and NS models, the PowerG Everywhere line of automation devices leverage the range and reliability of PowerG communication to provide control over your home.

For many homeowners, due to its inherently limited range, Z-wave devices require a network of repeating devices for the best reliability. Because of this, it can be frustrating to implement home automation everywhere you want to. Distance limitations really do become a factor quickly, and overcoming them requires more devices, more time, more money.

While the reasonable range of some Z-wave automation devices are measured in tens of feet, PowerG Everywhere devices measure range in thousands of feet. They do not rely on a mesh network, so adding, moving, or removing one will not affect the rest of your devices.

See details on the lineup of PowerG Everywhere devices here.

PowerG Everywhere products are available in our store now. Your IQ Panel 4 needs 4.4.0 firmware for compatibility.