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Hey Guys I’m Seriously Looking at coming to Surety Home for 3 locations and i was wanting find out if like the monitoring center response to tampers say u remove the cover off the motion detector to like change the battery like do they call or somthing and also was wanting to know know how the 2 way voice works between u all and how the monitoring center responds to the different type of alarms

Happy to assist!

If the system is unarmed and you open a sensor to change a battery, no, central station operators would no reach out to you.

However, if the system was in an armed state and a sensor was tampered, generating an alarm, then yes they would reach out to you.

If working on your system, you can place your central station account on test mode through your Surety account or by calling operators directly as well.

Central station operators will reach out to you during an alarm event to verify the validity of the alarm. You can find a list of central station monitoring procedures here. This list will cover how operators will respond during various alarm events.

2-Way voice is an option if your panel/module allow for it. 2-Way Voice will be the first contact method for Burglary and Fire alarm signals if it is active on your account.

Do you already have compatible equipment?

If you do, be advised, due to the impending 3G sunset, will no longer allow new accounts to be created using 3G cellular modules. a 4G LTE module would be required.

Ok great appreciate that The info but I am curious r we able to request them call if they receive a panel tamper or trouble signal the panels I’ll be using is unlocked PowerG panel from Iq but also 2gig

Tampers and other non-alarm trouble conditions are much more effectively relayed via notifications. These notifications can be sent via SMS text message, Push Notifications to your phone, and/or email.

These ADC notifications can be enabled or disabled at will in, and you’ll receive them immediately when a trouble occurs. (Instead of possibly a long while after the event due to call volume. Alarms/Panics will always receive higher priority for operators and trouble notification calls are delayed.)

That said, special instructions can be added to your account to place calls for troubles. I would not recommend doing so in most cases, but it can be done.