New Panel that was a steel

Hey guys I came across a brand New gc2E Panel on eBay for 80 bucks which is a steal so I ordered it for my parents house far as I know I just have swap out the communicator from the old panel put it in new 1 then have u all do a sensor swap correct or unless I was reprogram everything myself just want to find out before I get it and also wanted to let u all know

A panel restore option is available to try, yes. This would include panel configuration settings, users, and sensors. It would not include Z-wave devices or 900mhz devices; the image sensor, Go!Bridge, and TS1. In fact, the GC2e does not support those 900mhz devices at all.

Z-wave devices would need to be manually cleared and added to the new panel.

The steps to do so would be:

  1. Let us know via private message or email you are ready to start the swap, we will run a backup of configuration.
  2. We’ll notify you when the backup is successful and then instruct you to power down both systems and swap the module. Do not power up the new panel yet. Let us know when it is swapped.
  3. While your panel is still powered down, we will push a restoral and let you know when to power up the new panel. The restoral commands can take upward of 30 minutes.

Ok but now if I just want to reprogram the system myself would I just need to reinstall the cel module in the new panel and run a cell test

You can certainly program the GC2e manually. Once you are ready to officially use the GC2e series panel,

  • power down both panels completely,
  • remove the module from the GC2 and
  • install it in the GC2e.
  • Then power up the GC2 e completely and
  • run a cell test.

You wouldn’t have to remove the RF sensors from the old GC2 to add them to the GC2e series either, however you may want to place your active account on test mode with central station (if in use) so as not to accidentally trigger the GC2 when programming the GC2e.

Keep in mind Z-wave devices would need to be removed from the network then re-added to the GC2e series panel.

Ok great I know I’m excited to try this bigger screen and for the price I couldn’t pass it up

Hey guys just wanted to let you know I’m actual gonna be sending the seller back the panel I got because I feel that the newer panel is much different at all so I’m gonna stay under the current gc2 for now and maybe at some point either upgrade to the gc3e which I’m still iffy on based on seeing people have different issues with false alarms and such and I do plan hopefully near future change to the gc 3e or Iq panel 2 plus

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