New Panel Similar Problems

I’m pretty sure there is a software glitch in the current firmware that is causing this issue. With a new panel, it would seem we could rule out hardware issues.

This morning I went to arm the unit in AWAY mode with the keyfob. However, the womans voice did not come on, but the countdown timer started and I did confirm It armed in away mode. Normally when arming in away, the woman says “ARMING AWAY EXIT NOW” but that didn’t happen. With the previous unit sometimes it would arm in Stay Mode even though I pressed away.

I don’t really care if i hear her voice or not, but my concern is that I shouldn’t have go onto my phone after arming just to verify it did what it is supposed to. IF there’s one electronic item in my house I want to be reliable, its my alarm system.

I will continue to monitor how it works but If it arms in stay mode again when i activate it in away, then to me the system is too unreliable.

Ryan, perhaps this should be reported to 2GIG as a glitch. I can try to make a video of it it that would be helpful …

Any information you can provide would be useful. We’ve worked with many, many, many of these systems and I’ve never seen or heard of a 2GIG panel arming in stay mode when you press away mode, let alone it happening with 2 brand new panels in the same household. Would you be willing to make a video?

Yes I will video when arming next time. The new panel has not armed improperly yet but if it does i will capture it on video.

Have you heard reports of the failure to announce “arming away exit now” from any other users ?

IF it was a software bug, i would expect a lot more complaints from customers especially since Vivint uses these panels also.

I’ve seen some oddities in the voice announcements myself from time to time, I think when I’m pushing buttons and doing several things in a row rapidly. I’ve never seen it affect the arming state and I’ve never seen the arming countdown fail to occur when it was supposed to.

Is there a possibility that where the panel is located could affect its arming state ? Maybe moving it somewhere else would help ?

Also, originally when I wanted to upgrade my old DSC alarm system, I was interested in the Qolsys system but I haven’t heard if it is available yet ? I see there is thread on Qolsys in the forums here, does that mean you will sell / support that system ?

According to the tech specs as long as you keep it in a location that’s between 32 degrees and 120 degrees Fahrenheit then you should be OK. I personally have one running in a garage that gets down around 40 degrees regularly during winter and I haven’t had any problems with it. We do plan to sell and support Qolsys in addition to 2GIG.