New Light Dimmer Switches

I added two new Z-Wave enabled Dimmer to my Simon XT system ( which is controlled by, I can see my new switches on the panel and control them, why don’t these switches show up on application?

Z-wave devices will often have a short delay between installation and when the panel updates with the new device info. Typically you can influence this with a cell phone test from the panel.

Now, that said, I do see what I assume to be the two devices you are referring to on the account, showing as having been installed 2/28/2017. If these are the devices and you do not currently see them you may simply need to refresh or log out and log back into

Thank you for your reply. I don’t see my Z-Wave dimmer devices under my application, do I need to have some specific plan to be able to see my Z-Wave devices?

Aha, you are right on, I did not see this was a Basic Interactive account. Yes, for remote control and automation through, Interactive Gold is required. Included features of service plans can be found here. If you would like to upgrade your service plan, you can submit a request using our secure message tool here.