New IQ Doorbell Sensor

Brand new to forum. 6 different high pressure estimates from 6 different alarm companies led me here. I was tired of feeling as if I were buying a used car. So after a ridiculous amount of research, I am ready to pull the trigger and order a Qolsys package as soon as today. I did have a couple questions:

  1. I noticed the brand new IQ Doorbell sensor just launched, but isn’t available on your site yet. When will this be available? I did find it on another site, but would just assume order it through Surety and have it preprogrammed.
  2. I also noticed that the RF remote PIN Pad for Qolsys is not available on your site?
  3. Once I add all the components to my cart and checkout on the website, to you guys automatically pre-program everything and ship it out?
  4. I have heard others speak of the uselessness of motion based cloud recording for outdoor cams. Could someone describe just how useless we are talking? I mean, is it 100% useless because of the false alarms? Or is it still useful if you understand going in that you will get a lot of birds and squirrels? Do the outdoor motion sensing cameras take tens of thousands of clips, thus making my bill outrageous?

Thanks everyone ahead of time!

  1. It looks like the IQ Doorbell will be available soon. We should have our hands on them within about a week.

  2. Correct. The IQ2 is available as a secondary keypad. We do not sell the PIN Pad. The system is yours to customize however. You have full control of programming upon arrival and this support forum can help with any questions.

  3. Full package orders of a panel, service, and communication module (module built into panel in the case of Qolsys) and everything that can be programmed is, yes. Your order survey will request device names, etc. Note that LAN-based equipment will not be pre-configured. (Cameras, IQ2, etc.)

  4. There is no billing increase for extra activity. Once you reach video upload quota, uploads are stopped (except in the case of alarm based recordings, which are still uploaded.)
    Outdoor video is better suited to 24/7 recording. There are difficulties in balancing Video Motion Detection settings because in an outdoor environment, there is little you can reliably control. It’s not to say you can’t make it work. Just that it will take effort and patience. And yes, you will see a lot of squirrels, depending on your settings.

Thanks Jason for the quick response. Is there a specific reason you don’t carry the PIN Pad? I know the IQ2 is a nicer option, but did you guys have performance issues with the PIN Pad in the past?

There haven’t been any unforseen performance issues regarding the PIN pad that I am aware of. We simply do not stock them.

The impracticality of the PIN pad is the biggest deterrent. They do not give feedback regarding the armed status of the system, so using them as a secondary wall pad is likely to cause false alarms. They are best used as a keyfob which requires a code, but even then, your smartphone is already a better version of this, which gives status feedback and a lot more.

Are you aware of any secondary sirens offered by Qolsys?

And last question:

Does the IQ2 have the ability to bypass certain sensors?
Does the mobile app have this ability?
Or can this only be done from the main panel?

Here is a universal siren we sell.

You can bypass sensors at the panel. You can force-bypass open sensors with remote commands.

I see that the Qolsys siren is just a rebranded RE 116U. Now I get it. Thanks for your help!

Stupid question alert:
Why did the IQ2 come with a USB cable?

Definitely not a stupid question, I wonder that myself.

Firmware updates are stated to be over wifi (which makes sense) and it uses a different port for power. I had asked a Qolsys support rep, but it was just after the IQ2 released and they did not have much info.

I’ll prod again today.

Um ok

For the motion based cloud recording yes you will get a lot of false positive alarms, though others got lucky adjusting the sensitivity threshold of the sensor and/or adjusting the zoom of the camera and focusing it on a smaller area.

Any word on when the new IQ Doorbell will be available? Looks like it is available now on some sites. I believe the part number is QS1119-840. There is also a wireless siren specifically from Qolsys that was supposed to be available in August. Any word on that? Thx.

We do not have the Doorbell up yet, however it is planned to be added to our store in short order.

Product releases tend to take a long time to place substantial stock in retailer hands, and we do not have info on availability of the siren yet.

Thank u.

I see the IQ Doorbell has been available for many months now. Can I order this through SuretyCam?

I am also interested in the IQ Siren. These have been out now for a very long time. Can I order them through Surety?


We do not currently carry those two items in our store. Keep in mind we are happy to help with troubleshooting/installation tutorial on products purchased elsewhere.

The siren is rebranded, and I believe is this model.

Aeotec branded look to generally be lower price.

Ok thanks. I also found the IQ doorbell on Amazon so I’ll order both from them. Thank you and thanks for the rebranding info.