New House best practice & equipment w/ Surety-ADC

OK gang we are building a new house. Some Questions or general advice welcome.
With incredible experience with surety/ADC as the core “smart home” stuff on lst production/semi-custom hose. We’re going to go surety/ADC again.

Last house had Concord4 security- builder’s $ubscription-based low-voltage/security subcontractor… ADC did OK as an overlay on this. ADC had good integrations & hardware generally. But def NOT Concord4 again…

I have a clean “sheet of paper”… And the low-volt is under my control–fully custom stick built(yeah I’m dumb). ;-). I’ll have the subs place the wires and I’ll do the actual install/commissionsing DIY

What security panel for ADC is now “best”? Qolsys seems favored here but wireless-based. Looks like it can use wired sensors with a wireless subpanel, but what brand sensors are best?
I think? in new construction I may prefer hardwired sensors generally; most/many sensors on a panels ? (few wireless battery -other than a rechargeable backup battery at the wiring panel)?

We will have FTTH internet and the Verizon LTE/5G signal is fine on site(for alarm).

What types of sensors should I consider hard wiring vs wireless back to panel?
Last time had hardwired glass break in some spots, motion, door sensors, subpanels, guess I Might put a window sensor(open?) on some ground spots dunno-will google fu best security practices here and ask low-volt folks too.

Smokes/CO? - FireFighter wireless sound to Concord4 last time. What’s best in new non- Concord4 solution. If code security could be hardwired to the main smoke detectors? I know we’ll have to have the loop of detectors required by code.
Other houses had hardwire smoke & co detectors just for the security system

Any advice MUCH appreciated.

Yes, we recommend and only sell the Qolsys panel.

Wired sensors make sense if you are building fresh, I would say definitely plan wired sensors for the windows, doors, and motion detectors, as the wired sensors themselves are usually much cheaper and yes, eliminate multiple battery changes, though that is not very frequent, maybe every 3-5 years.

If there are a lot of zones it can be very cost effective vs all wireless.

You can use the wired sensors with a wired to wireless translator like the following.

On a new build you will have line voltage interconnected smokes by code. These can be monitored using a Firefighter, that is the recommended and most cost effective solution.

Wireless CO can be added. With the Qolsys panel you have access to PowerG models which have an increased range over other sensor models.