New home with unactivated system

Hi all, I bought a new house and the builder had a local security installer put in a decent system. Unfortunately the system is tied to that installer and they want way too much money each month for monitoring service. They put in an IQ Panel 2 along with an IQ Hardwire 16-F for 4 hardwired doors and a handful of IQ Mini DW-S for some windows. I am unable to get it to connect to the cellular network and cannot reset the panel or update it as I don’t have the pin codes. I’m looking at buying an IQ Panel 4 from surety and swapping it for the IQ Panel 2. Am I right in thinking this is a serviceable option that will work with everything else installed?


Yep, the IQ Panel 4 found here is a 319.5 Mhz version compatible with your existing sensors and hardwire translator.

A programming guide for 319.5 sensors is found here:

Awesome, thank you!