New home with a 2Gig Go! Control Monitor

I’ve just moved into a home with the 2Gig Go system in it. I’ve attempted to access the toolbox to reset the code, and have entered 1111 there to gain access. I’ve had no luck. I do not have access to the previous owners, who have moved across the country. How do I reset the user code so I can starting using the system? I’m also trying to get to the communications module number so I can proper set up my monthly service

Happy to help! In general you usually want to have access to the system master code so that you can run a cell phone test to connect your system to cell service once you get started.

However, it looks like this is regarding a system which was previously activated with us, so we know the module has gone through OTASP. Typically we can kick start communication with a module that has been previously used. (New ones do not work that way)

There is a way to factory default the panel to change the master code back to default, but this would remove all device programming from the panel as well so you would need to program from scratch. This might not be necessary because when the module is connected to the back-end, the installer code would be defaulted by initial commands and you can remotely change the master code through

If you need to access the module communication number, this can be found on a sticker on the module itself, you do not need a code. On a 2GIG Panel you can find this number by following the steps in the video below.

I couldn’t remove the console from my wall without triggering a “tampering” alarm. Is there a way I can avoid this?

A tamper indicates that the tamper switch was activated (panel removed from back-plate).

This is expected any time you open the panel and will resolve as soon as the panel is put back in place. It should not be a deterrent to opening the panel. This will only cause an alarm siren if the panel is armed while you open it, which it should not be. It is otherwise just a trouble beep.