NEW GC3 or IQ2+ Panel

Im looking at options for our house to install new GC3 panel that just came out or IQ2+ panel. Our house is heavy in automation devices so i need a panel that will handle it the best and give us professional monitoring at the same time. please advise. I also have multiple Building36 cameras. (building 36 is automation company)

We offer service and support for all compatible equipment and are always happy to help. As for which panel is better, its hard to say as I have not had any experience with the new 2GIG GC3e as we do not carry it.

If starting from scratch I would recommend the IQP2+ as it offers more features and includes multiple encrypted sensor types and protocols (S-Line and PowerG), doorbell camera video (via the SkyBell) at the panel, built in glass break etc. I find their secondary panels to be more stable as well. The IQP2+ utilizes Z-wave plus for home automation as well.

Currently, purchases of the Qolsys IQP2+ through Surety include a six month free trial of our Surety Home plan as well.

Regarding Building 36 cameras, I believe they are all compatible. You can find a list of compatible cameras here. IIRC the Building 36 cameras use the same part numbers too. Which cameras do you have?

Tyler thank you for replaying, I had old GC3 in my previous home and had quite of few problems with automation devices and z wave. that is why i was leaning more to iq2+. I know that firs gen had some problems. from your experience is iq2+ a solid panel for automation?

from your experience is iq2+ a solid panel for automation?

The IQ Panel 2+ is the panel we have chosen to sell in our service packages at this time. It currently has more features and capabilities than other systems, including advanced Z-wave network diagnostics on the panel that no other panel provides.

In general it would be the best choice for compatible automation purposes.