New GC2 LTE radio module

After years with my Verizon GC2 LTE radio module, I have been getting error messages (apparently related to signal). I do have a GoBridge installed so everything else functioned normally. I have tried all of the basic troubleshooting steps you gave me before and have finally decided to go to the AT&T version of the LTE radio module. I am expecting it to be delivered in the next couple of days and just want to find out what steps I need to take to make the change as smoothly as possible with you folks.

Oh. In case you would ask, I’m already on v1.19.3.

When swapping the module on your panel and using the same alarm panel, you would only need to make sure your firmware will support the new module (It looks like you already have the latest firmware for your panel so you should be good to go there! ) and then submit the new module IMEI number to us via private message.

When the swap request has been processed you will receive an email follow up confirming this and instructions to run a cell test from the panel using the new module to complete the process.

Make sure to power the panel down completely to perform the physical module swap. This video shows the process for your panel!