New Echo & fexibilty I discovered

I am finding that there is a lot of flexibility when you utilize the Routines feature in the Echo App. You can set up any word or phrase to trigger a series of actions. So you set the voice word for example “Shazam”

Then you set all the devices and actions you want. You load the devices via the Smarthome feature of the app. The Smart home feature lets you avoid sayin g"Ask to…). It uploads all of your Zwave devices on ADC and other native devices such as DirecTV.

You can even add voice responses from Alexa between actions.

So can program it to do this with your ADC Zwave Devices and non ADC devices.

Say “Alexa, Shazam”

Alexa repeats back to you “Getting living room ready for a movie, Master”
Tv Turns on
Lignts dim to selected level
DirectTV unit turns on
Window Shades lower to 75%
Alexa repeats back to you “You are now ready to watch a movie and I will await your next command” Smart Home uses Amazon Alexa’s Smart Home API which connects your devices directly into the Amazon Alexa. By doing so, The Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill allows for lights and thermostat commands that remove the need to mention “ask…” Which is super helpful (and should have been available from the get go, growing pains)

I like the routines feature, i think this really bridges the gap between ADC and other smart home devices, at least in terms of user experience.

Alexa repeats back to you “You are now ready to watch a movie and I will await your next command”

This is truly what smart home tech is for :slight_smile: Honestly my favorite part about it.

Thanks for the insight.

I have a recirculation pump that needs to be turned off then on again (or I can use this remote switch that never works because the range is too far).

So I can issue ONE command “Alexa, Hot Water” and it turns the pump off, then on… water recirculates and then it says “Water recirculating” so that I know its working.

If it were just ADC, I would have to issue 2 commands. “Turn off Pump” “Turn On Pump”

I would love to have others talk about the ways they are maximizing these features.

I probably could buy a Wemo (Or other accepted Home Skill Device) motion detector, have that trigger the recirc pump whenever I walk by the bath and kitchen sink.

Bottom line is this opens the product selection up to non ADC devices and expands flexibility.

With Google Assistant, do I still have to prompt with “ask”, or is there a similar Google feature that I am not aware of?

Using Google Home you do not have to state “Ask” no. See here for a related post and more info, this is controlled in Google.

The “Ask” is a requirement of the Skill on Alexa, vs. the Smart Home Skill.