New Doorbell and video analytic

Can someone tell my why new doorbell only supports “person” detection through video analytic ? Is there a way to have “animal” and “object” detection like other cameras do? If not can this be related to ADC for future improvement. I’m kind a getting tire of my dog going out and be detected as a person overtime. LOL

I think the assumption is that a doorbell camera is only going to be looking for people.

I did testing prior to release on the VDB770s and I had a hard time getting detection to occur on moving objects that weren’t people, including my dog. What breed of dog do you have?

I can see your ground zone in the frame, but I can’t actually see the image from the cam, so I just see the general size and shape of the ground zone. It looks like it may be a bit big, but it is hard to guess without the image. Would you mind sending an image of what the bell sees in a private message?

All that being said, it does seem logical to simply allow the same breakdown for doorbell cams, differentiating people, animals, vehicles, and other objects. I’ll push this as feedback to ADC.