New door sensors for 2GIG system?

Would like to order replacement for the doors as they are not working. How do I find where to get replacement parts?

That depends on the type of sensors you are replacing and potentially how old they are. Where and when were the sensors purchased? Might they be under warranty? What type of sensors are you wanting to replace?

We have some options currently available in our online store including the 2GIG Bypass Door/Window Contact (2GIG-DW40-345), the 2GIG Thin Door/Window Contact (2GIG-DW10-345), the 2GIG Recessed Door Contact (2GIG-DW20R-345) and the Resolution Products Door/Window (2GIG Compatible – RE201) sensors.

When you say the sensors are not working, do you know why? What trouble shooting have you done? Might they require new batteries?