New cameras system

Hey guys Need some help I’m looking at replacing my Ring Outdoor cameras but I want something that will continue to work even if they cut the Internet Cable Outside the House can u all give me any suggestions on ADC

All compatible cameras require an internet connection to setup recording rules and view recordings. Most require a network connection to record.

However, cameras that support on board recording with Smart View via SD card can still save recorded video to the SD card through a network disruption, as long as the video device has power.

You would still need to restore the network connection to the camera in order to upload/view the recordings. You cant remove the SD card to view saved video elsewhere.

Currently on board recording is supported by three cameras and only the 723 is an outdoor camera:

  • 1080p Indoor Wi-Fi Camera (ADC-V515) on firmware version
  • 1080p Indoor Wi-Fi Camera (ADC-V523) on firmware version
  • 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera (ADC-V723) on firmware version

Someone told me that if I have a svr that it will still record on local if the WiFi router itself stays up

That’s correct, recording to the SVR is over the LAN.