New Thermostat Features has new UI controls for Zwave thermostat integration. Here we run through some of the changes and new features.

Timed nicely, right when the Smart Thermostat (ADC-T2000) was made available.

huh would be nice if i could make it just turn off the thermostat if i open the windows lets say. I tend to do that this time of year quite a bit in the morning. I open the windows which would be great to just turn off the AC.

In effect that is what you would be doing, adjust the schedule to the point the HVAC needn’t run. Actually shutting off the schedule would then require the individual to turn it on again manually.

Is the fact that there still does not appear to be any usage logging of the thermostats related to the Z-Wave status patent that also affects lights? I think they’ve added just about everything with this last update, love the auto set back, but can’t believe there is no information on actual activity of the units.

Are you referring to manual changes at the thermostat? This is handled through instant notifications which can alert you as soon as the thermostat experiences a local manual change or a remote command.

I’m thinking about buying the ADC-T2000 thermostat but living in MN humidity control is an absolute must. I know it has the physical wiring for it and they say it is going to be supported in a future firmware update, but that unknown is making me hesitant. I may just go for it as it is 4-5 months to heating season, but can you guys ask ADC about the status of that feature? Thanks!

There is no update on availability yet. I couldn’t even give a ball-park at the moment, there is no word on the development.

I would think there would be intention to release it before winter.