New Account set up

Initially my Yale wave lock was connected to panel but not responding to lock/unlock functions from app; it seems to be working now. However, I don’t see weather on home screen of panel. Also, when would the 2 way voice feature be used? Do I need to test it?

Upon adding zwave devices and first connecting to ADC via cell test, allow some time for equipment to register and your device list to refresh. It’s not uncommon for this to take a few hours. If you want to kick start the process, you can send an email to explaining that you have added a device and would like your equipment list to be updated.

Weather is another feature that is sent after registering your panel, so if your panel was not communicating when the last update was sent you may not see it. Check back after 24 hours and see if it has shown up on your screen.

2-Way Voice can be tested during the normal course of Alarm testing. If activated on your account, the 24/7 monitoring service will use this method as the first contact attempt in the event of an alarm.