Network Test Backend failing

Everything is functioning fine on my gc3e panel with 3.2.1. I can fully control panel with ADC, push users ect ect… But when I do a network test, the backend shows “red” failed. The other two checks, LAN and I forget the other at the moment are fine. I have cell module and wifi hooked up… I tried a panel reboot with no change.

Any suggestions?

Surety techs, this is on my panel at my business (not home) which you guys dont support yet. Once my year contract is up with the installer I will be switching that over to you guys as well.

Happy to help! If the other network stats are passing but the backend check fails, it is possible (and likely) the associated account is not set to communicate via dual path.

If this is not a Surety account, be sure to reach out to your provider to make sure the ADC account in question is set to use dual path. They would also have access to ping tests and other diagnostics.

Thanks Jason, my house is with Surety, but the business is not currently because of the installer. I will convert over next year. Ty.

Possible to get both home and business accounts on one ADC app? Or if I do that would my business partners who have ADC app logins see my house as well?

You can get them on the same app without your business partners having access to your home. You would link your home login to your business account so that when you use your home login it has access to both accounts but not vice versa.

Found it… Thank you… Took me a few min to figure out how to switch between accounts but I got it now. Thanks for the help.