Nest Thermostats


I have seen countless references in this forum to the greater control over a thermostat you will have by selecting a compatible Z-wave thermostat over the Nest thermostat. The thing is, both my HVAC contractor and my solar provider (?) are giving me a free Nest. So, what is the real difference in what I can control on a Nest thermostat with versus something that is compatible with the panel. What would I be giving up?

Thanks once again.

Only the following features are available when linking a Nest account to your ADC account:

Current target temperature control

Current mode control (Heat, Cool)

Temperature notifications

No scheduling or automated rules are compatible. All schedules would need to be set through Nest account. Things not compatible with Nest:

Integrated remote temperature sensing

Thermostat and fan schedules

Rule-based automation

Smart away setback

Sensor left open setback

Extreme temperature setback

Fire safety shut-off