Nest thermostat integration help

On my account that starts with Y, I attempted to connect my Nest account to, using the web interface, Setup>Devices>Automation Devices.

Everything appears to connect successfully, the button switches to “Switch Nest Account”. I even get notifications if the Nest thermostat is offline. HOWEVER, no where in the web interface, or in the app (tried multiple devices) do the controls appear. I’ve tried deleting and reconnecting the Nest account, and signing in and out of the app several times.

What am I doing wrong? Help?


I’m not seeing a Nest connected on this account currently, have you deleted the Nest from your account?

Note that thermostat controls would not be accessed by the settings menus. Thermostat controls would be accessed by the thermostat card which will populate on the home page of the app/website when a thermostat is present.

If it is not linked to the account, could you go ahead and try linking it? We will take a look for problems once that is complete.

Actually, I see the Switch Nest Account button is still there. Odd. I do not see any indication of a device having been linked.

Are you certain the correct Nest credentials were used?

Try switching the account and input the credentials again, I would like to take a look at the event in history when it is complete.