Need Something you probably throw away or are not using

I need 18 each of the wire that plugs into the 2 Gig wireless sensors.

I would buy them, but I can not find a place to buy them. I am hoping that most people discard these cables that come with your switches or that they have them laying around with not intent to use them

I will pay for shipping. If you could help out, I would greatly appreciate it.

If you know of a source where I can buy, please let me know as well.

here is the picture


This is what you want, and if you cannot acquire them standalone as parts, then here is another option:

two-pin connector with a 12" flying 2-wire

An option you may want to try is to buy a lot of 20 DW10’s, get the two-pin connectors, (then relist the DW10’s being sure to specifically mention they do not come with the ‘two-pin connector with a 12" flying 2-wire’).

Most don’t use the connectors, so probably wont much care, especially if they can get the DW10’s at a discount.

Lot of 20 $399 ($19.95 each)

great idea riven. Thanks

These things don’t work? From Walmart…

Another option may be the sc2g-thnshk standalone (without the DW10). Simply cut off the shock sensor, and you have your connector and 2-wire lead.

Aren’t they called JST 2-pin connectors? I think micro, possibly 1.25mm.

I don’t have any of the sensors myself.

My understanding is they are not a standard size. If you find an aftermarket product that fits and works, share.