Need leak detection and water shutoff for 2" water main with Qolsys IQ4 (FloLogic with dry contact relays?)

I’m working on a new construction security plan based on an Qolsys IQ Panel 4. Ideally I’d like a water main shutoff system that can integrate with the Qolsys system and monitoring. Our water main is 2" diameter and it seems most of the standard compatible systems such as these do not support pipes as large as 2" – they max out around 1.25".

To accommodate the 2" main, my architect and contractor have specified a FloLogic leak detection and water shutoff system. On their FAQ page about security system integration it says:

The FloLogic System is easily integrated with all security systems in the market that accept dry-contact relay inputs and outputs. This is a standard feature. See page 16 of the Installation and Setup Instructions.

I’ve attached the relevant pages from the Installation instructions, but am not sure if the Qolsys system can support dry-contact relays like this. Does anyone know and/or have a link to what would need to be purchased to make the integration? If there’s a product that can issue the relay commands, pretty sure I can figure out the wiring and setup. Thanks in advance!

The IQ Panel 4 does not have an on board terminal block with programmable relays. You could potentially rig a solution with a Z-wave device which has an onboard relay like the Fortrezz Mimolite to trigger when a flood sensor is tripped, but this would not be supported as a valve, wouldn’t work with water management features, the sensor portion wouldn’t be supported, and it would display as a light switch.

Valves compatible with are found here.

Thanks for the response, Jason. I’ve seen that list of supported devices but have checked them all and none seem to support a water main of 2" diameter. Do you happen to know if there’s any system that could support a main of this size and integrate properly with any system? Thanks.

There are none I am aware of that support anything that large, unfortunately. 1.25 is the general max size I think. The majority of homes use 3/4 or 1" main supply, and all the compatible valves are sized for the common line diameters.

Scott I just went through similar situation. first stay away from ADC SWM150 that valve states that supports up to 1.25 and internally water chambers is only 3/4 of an inch. waist of time and super high restriction on the main water line. That valve should not even be advertise as 1" valve.

Now Moen has a solution that will wok with up to 1.5" residential and they have commercial division that will work up to 2". since interface is the same for both and approve as integration it will work for you. I recently installed 1.25 to 1.5" one at my own house and it work great.

looking at the link at flow logic once it passes the fitting it tapers down to 1.5" so you should be with Moen. I would call Moen division and talk to them, very helpful and knowledge. Google Flow by moen they have dedicated website.

Very much appreciate the tips, thank you. Good catch on the Flo Logic being just a 1.5” diameter inside the device, not great.

I just got off the phone with Moen (1-800-BUY-MOEN) and the rep I spoke with couldn’t find anything about a 2” or even 1.5” Flo device. She claimed to have searched their Pro, Residential, and Commercial lines. Any other tips or ideas?

Would love to get a Flo if it can work. They seem to have the best app and integration support too.

So I never talk to there commercial (pro) division but i did spend a lot of time on the phone with residential tech support and they told me that pro side goes up to 2.5". but anyways the one that is sold as 1.25" it can accommodate up to 1.5" pipe.

Please see this link and look at installation notes: