Need help with Door and Window magnets


The house I live in has a pre-wired security system that was never used. I have installed a Qolsys system with wireless sensors, but I would like to use the wired sensors that are already mounted in every door and window (using a hardwire translator). However, each door / window only has the reed switch (sensor) on the stationary piece, but does not have the corresponding magnet on the moving piece.

Attached are three pictures door sensor and one picture of the window sensor. I would like to know which magnets I would need to match these sensors. Any suggestions / tips will be much appreciated.


door-3 window

Might not be able to find the recessed magnets by themselves, but the sensor/magnet pairs aren’t very expensive. You can find them at a variety of vendors online. Here are some options.

For any surface contacts, here are some options.