Need help with status

my system is working fine according to the control panel

but is not getting updated (nor is my android app)

how long does it normally take for to have correct status

is there any way to force refresh

more information…

you can see from the history that it is receiving notifications from the panel.

BUT, it is not updating the status.

Example: History > 7:24 Garage sensor opened, BUT sensor status still says closed

i cant get my patio windows to show closed no matter what i do

i finally got everything to show correct status. i had to open/close the windows to get the status to update on even tho it had received notification AND my panel was correct.

Is this how its supposed to work??

If you are working on your system and had recently powered up, keep in mind the panel will not know the status of sensors until the first supervision interval (typically about an hour) or until the sensor changes state again (opens/closes).

Also, will not show the status if the door is opened/closed quickly and repeatedly. There will be a 3 minute or so delay between like signals from the same sensor.

The panel needs to send the status signals to ADC for it to update, so changing the sensor state should have synced everything.

Is it all working as expected at this point?