I need immediate HELP PLEASE!! I have a Concord 4 system with 15 door & window sensors. I have tried and tried and tried again all suggestions to get into the programming to set up my sensors. I have a small window of opportunity as I home school my great grandson. He has down syndrome, is non verbal and he is a “bolter”. It has been a very stressful week trying all the suggested things to check, such as making sure all the partitions are disarmed, but nothing works. I have read about needing an alphanumeric keypad and when I have searched some of the ones for sale as ATP1000 look just like mine. I had my alarm company for almost 7 years and the app has made it so much easier to disarm from the car prior to getting him out. I can’t be without a system any longer, so if I can’t figure it out today I will have to call and find another local company. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @ldbdatob,

I can only imagine you must be frustrated, especially under such urgent circumstances. I would be too. We’ll do everything we can to help.

If I understand correctly you are trying to get into programming on your Concord 4 but aren’t able to. Are there any other details you can share about the problem you’re facing?

Is this a new Concord 4 system? It doesn’t appear to have any sensors programmed but I’m curious whether I should see sensors on it because you mentioned having had your system and using it before.

Are you confident that you have the correct installer code? If not we can try setting the installer code remotely for you.

If you do know the installer code, can you describe exactly what happens when you try to check that all partitions are disarmed as described in this post?

Hi Ryan,
Thank you so much for taking time out of your Sunday to help me. I really do appreciate it. It is not a new system. I was with an alarm service company since 2012. After my 5 yr contract done was done I went on a month to month agreement. I cancelled them and they released my equipment back to me assuring me there would be no issues using it until a young gentleman tried to keep me as a customer and in a snippy tone told me that "well your system might be one of those that freezes you out. It appears that went they while removing the software they removed all the sensors that were set up in my panel. With the guidance of a nice young man at I was able to get them to unlock it and I have been able to set up user codes and I have a new master code.
I read that it is sometimes due to one of the other partitions being in an “armed” state and so I followed the instructions and went to each of them and “armed and then disarmed”
When I try to go to programming, I hit the 8 which then ask for command which I then do the 00. It takes me out and right back to the main screen with the date and time. Hope this info is what you are in need of to help me get it going.

Hi Ryan, I was using the default 4321 installer code which was working at the start until I set up the user codes in the setup process and that is when the default code stopped working and the new one assigned to me started being what I needed to use instead.
Thanks for your help

OK, I reset the installer code to the default 4321. Could you try again and let me know if that made any difference?

Hi Ryan, That explains why it all of a sudden started to beep. Thank you so very much! It is back to the default 4321 and I entered the 8 then 4321 and then 00 it is now showing system programming. Any advice to set up my 15 window sensors with ease (I have no motion detectors) would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again so very much for your amazingly quick help.

Excellent! Glad to hear you’re in. It probably goes without saying but you should change your installer code to something only you know when you have a chance. You can reset your installer code from the system manager by going to your account and clicking System Manager.

I don’t have general advice but there are a lot of youtube videos out there that help make it more visual in addition to the Concord 4 installation manual. Assuming these are wired sensors it will help if you know how they’re wired together. Do you know which sensors are wired to which zone inputs on the Concord 4 control panel?

Hi Ryan, They are all wireless. 2 of them are doors set with the delay and the rest are windows. I will go back to trying to find a good youtube video and get back to the installation guide. I have until tomorrow morning to get at least the doors done otherwise his grandpa will need to try same.
He is truly a gift from God who keeps this old lady on her toes and tired. He is super smart and uses everything we teach him to figure out how to undo the things we do for his safety and is so proud to show us…lol.
I will be signing up for the monitoring as soon as I get it all set up and running.

Thanks again for your help on your Sunday.

I wish we had a Concord 4 video to share. We have a lot of programming Qolsys and 2GIG videos but not Concord, maybe we should. This one might help but it’s not done very well. I’m having trouble finding a good video.

The main thing is to make sure you pick the right sensor group based on how you want the sensor to behave. I would set entry doors to group 10 and windows to group 13.

Best of luck! Is there anything else we can do to help?

Hi Ryan, I found a student training guide and was able to get in there and see that the sensors are still listed in there. I was trying to do the “learn sensors” and it said to remove the sensor cover to trip. I haven’t been able to figure out how to get them working yet and hindsight, I should not have started with the most important one. I unplugged the system hoping to try again. If you have any guidelines to get the system to recognize them easily I would be more than happy to pay for the extra care & service you have spent on your Sunday to help me.
Thanks again

That’s interesting that they’re still showing in programming. But the panel does not respond at all when you open and close the doors and windows?

Which partition are your sensors listed under in programming? They are not showing up in

I’m sorry but I don’t have a Concord 4 with me to work on. Is there any way you can continue working on this tomorrow? We can be more helpful at the office where we have a Concord 4 to work with.

HI Ryan, They are under P1. I had with my prior service but have not been able to get them working. Two things I notice when I am in the programming is a dealer code(hidden) and one says partition one copy. Don’t know if they are helping or Yes, he will be here tomorrow, but I can try to go online to check with you. I know the Concord 4 is used by a lot of the home alarm service companies here so I think it will be a big help to have a “how to” video. The ones that I can find are mostly just on the simple stuff.
Have a great night and thanks again for all your help. I am feeling confident that it will be up and running tomorrow.

You mentioned that you can see the sensors listed in sensor programming which would indicate they are already programmed. If they are already programmed then you shouldn’t need to learn them in again.

When you open/close the windows and doors does the keypad show that they’re opening and closing? This video shows how to check status and see if any sensors are open.

If you arm the system and then open a door or window does the system respond like it should?

Does anything look wrong with how they’re programmed? Can you take a pic of what you see in sensor programming on the keypad that shows the sensors listed and attach it to your post?

Good morning, Ryan. Although they are showing in the panel they are not active. I have opened the doors and some windows before turning the alarm on and also opened while alarm activated but nothing happens.The keypad that has the door open shown is the one I have. So steps I followed were:
8, 4321, 00 brought me to system programming then # system displays SECURITY then press B until system displays SENSORS then # systems displays learn sensors (this is where I can see them listed). The instructions however continue that when display shows learn sensors press B until it displays EDIT SENSORS then Press # . Unfortunately it is displaying NOT AVAILABLE where as according to the instructions it should be showing the sensor’s information. I figure this is what needs to be fixed to work. Below are some of the screens. After image 5 it starts showing all the sensors name. I ran out of attachments available after 4 so I will need to send some in another post
Thanks again, Linda

Hi Ryan, Here are pics showing some of the named sensors. It goes on to list all of the ones I have and then

Hi there! Happy to jump in on this and assist. Unfortunately the panel is not reporting any sensors at all being learned in. From your description unfortunately I think you are right in one of your earlier statements, the local installer appears to have deleted the zone serial numbers/programming.

Zone names are input separately (under sensor text) from programming info like Serial and sensor group. When pressing edit sensor, there is nothing to edit, which i why you are seeing that Not Available answer.

All you should need to do though is go into programming the same as you have before, this time just to Learn sensors, and one by one learn in the zones by navigating to Learn Sensors, (which appears to still be named, so should be easier hopefully) and tripping each associated sensor in the home. The panel will beep and move on to the next zone to trip. Doors should be sensor group 10. Windows should be sensor group 13.

If you let me know when you have added these in I can check through to make sure they are correctly added.

Hi Jason, Thank you for joining in to help. We have finished up our school day and outside playtime but I will have to wait until he is picked up before diving into the tripping of sensors.
Thanks again

Hi Ryan & Jason,
While the thunderstorms and mere frustration almost made me feel defeated, my stubborn “I can do anything” determination and stubbornness prevailed! I was able to purchase 2 Defiant door alarm sensors that work independently to temporarily secure the doors while he was here. I am happy to say that I found really helpful instructions and with those and Jason’s group number help, I did it! Well started on the right path anyway. I have a few more sensors to “learn” and 2 that are showing as “open” when they are not, but hopefully will have all in working order soon. The completed ones are showing up in and while trying to figure out why one of them is showing open I unknowingly set it off and everyone received tamper alert texts. The siren alarm didn’t go off but I figure that is another step in the setting up process.
Thanks again to both of you for helping me succeed in my mission.

The completed ones are showing up in and while trying to figure out why one of them is showing open I unknowingly set it off and everyone received tamper alert texts. The siren alarm didn’t go off but I figure that is another step in the setting up process.

A tamper alert is generated when the tamper switch is thrown on the sensor. This is done by opening the cover on most sensors.

A tamper signal would not result in an alarm and no local siren would go off unless the system was also armed at the time. If the system is disarmed, a tamper just results in a trouble alert notification.

Thanks again to both of you for helping me succeed in my mission.

Happy to help out! If you need assistance with the remaining sensors, please let us know!