Napco hardwired to Qolsys / 2GIG

Hi – just purchased a house that has a functioning Napco panel system, maybe about 10 years old. All of the sensors (doors, windows, motion, fire/smoke) are hardwired and there are 19 zones listed on the keypad. I’m looking to replace this with Qolsys IQ4 or 2GIG… but keeping the hardwired sensors and potentially adding some additional wireless sensors.
Is this possible to do, i.e. reuse the hardwired sensors and which parts would I need?

Yes it is possible to resuse the hadwired zones with a different panel. Typically any keypads in use cannot be reused however.

If using the IQ Panel 4 IQP4001, you would need a hardwired to wireless takeover module like the PowerG IQ Hardwire (8 Zones, 2 Units max) or the Qolsys Hardwire 16F (319.5Mhz) (16 Zones). Hardwired life safety are compatible with some restrictions (refer to the corresponding manuals for that limitation).

If using a 2GIG system (we dont sell any but they can be purhcased elsewhere and used with service ) you can use the 2GIG TAKE-345 eSeries (8 zones) if using the 2GIG Edge panel or 2GIG GC2eSeries The TAKE-345 cannot be used with wired lifesafety devices.

So if I want to have 20+ zones, can I install 2 PowerG IQ Hardwire modules (which support 4 wire smokes) and then in addition 1 or 2 Qolsys Hardwire 16F modules? Would that be too much for the panel to handle?

That would work. You can have a max of two PowerG IQ Hardwires, and multiple IQ Hardwire 16s if needed.