Naive question on false alarm for smoke

Cooking today we burned some rice. Normally the smoke alarm would wail and we would hit the button to shut it off.

So how does one deal with a 2gig smoke detector that is hooked to a panel and monitored by adc when it falses?

I assume adc will call me to verify but do I push a snooze button of sorts somewhere to prevent that somehow?


You can enable a dialer delay for your smoke detectors which would give you some time to “disarm” the panel and cancel the alarm before it sends the signal to us if you want. We will attempt to call you to verify it’s not a false alarm before we dispatch the fire department anyway. There’s nothing you can do to stop our central station from calling you once the signal has been sent out, other than call us first at 855-348-0367 and let us know it was a false alarm.

Thanks Ryan - that’s sort of what I figured. Some clarity please though… a dialer delay… doesn’t that assume an armed panel though?

Here’s a scenario - alarm panel disarmed, we’re home. Cooking and make smoke. The smoke triggers the smoke detector… then what?

It’s not like the panel will beep allowing me to cancel the call right? And a dialer delay will just insert a pause so I can call ahead of the panel sending its signal correct? So net-net all I’d do is create a situation whereby if it was a real fire I’m delaying the send.

Or am I not completely understanding how the panel works with smoke sensors? I had assumed they are “hot” at all times so the above delay scenario doesn’t buy much. Correct?

Program your smoke as “24 hour smoke with verification” (zone type 16)

(this will prevent it going into alarm unless it has smoke in chamber for 30 sec, or is violated twice, or two separate detectors are violated) For more info on this see:

For installation/programming of the smoke detectors, see:

For any smoke detector likely to be set off by kitchen mishaps, setting up a dialer delay for the sensor will allow you to disarm the panel from its alarm status before the signal is sent (the panel will be in alarm state but the signal is not sent until it is in alarm state for the programmed time), thus sending no signal.

Using the Verification option also helps protect against false alarms, but you cannot disarm the panel before it goes into alarm itself, so if the smoke lingers enough for the 30 seconds, the alarm signal will still be transmitted.

I personally use the verification option on my smokes (except the bedroom hall) for false alarm protection as well.


For any smoke detector likely to be set off by kitchen mishaps, setting up a dialer delay for the sensor will allow you to disarm the panel from its alarm status before the signal is sent

Just out of curiosity, how are you setting the dialer delay for Smoke zones? My understanding is that this part of the programming is skipped, and dialer delay is automatically set to (0) disabled for all programmed smoke zones.

I just checked - they are set as “24 hour with verification.”

Scrolling through settings there was no dialer delay option - maybe due to being 24 with veri?

And Jason - here’s the part thats messing me up. If the panel is disarmed and (for sake of this discussion) there is a dialer delay… does the panel start beeping before the siren kicks in?

Now in my context - set as 24 with verification, what happens when there is smoke?

Thank you all for the quick replies!

Do you fan these smokes, or open a window when your kitchen area fills with smoke? To set off a verification smoke you have to have smoke in it for 30 seconds or hit it twice with smoke within a couple minutes time

As for dialer delay. There is no dialer delay setting for 2GIG smokes or CO detectors to my knowledge.

As for a 2GIG smoke detector activation…smoke detector starts beeping (like a normal smoke alarm), then panel alarms shortly thereafter (panel only beeps for troubles, not alarm events). That’s how it works. The detector beeping is your warning that the alarm is about to activate.

If you have 120v interconnected smoke alarms that go off, those are ion detectors usually. The 2GIG ones are photo, and do not false as often as Ions near a kitchen.

You’re right, I forgot the dialer delay is just for security sensors. Sorry about that. I mislead Jason with my post above. The best thing to do is just call us right away when you accidentally set off the smoke detector. We’ll try to call you to verify before we dispatch but there’s always a chance the call doesn’t go through something. The safest bet is to call us immediately at 855-348-0367 and let us know it’s a false alarm.

Ok so I have 3 detectors, all battery. One on each floor.

Theoretically only one will get set off with a kitchen oops.

That being said, with 24 hour with verification… once it sets off and starts beeping and then the panel beeps. Is there a delay before it sends it into ADC so I can shut it off at the panel or by pushing the on-detector button?

Or what is the workflow like in reality?

When programmed as 24 hour fire with verification there is a delay before the signal is transmitted but I don’t know that it’s a “reliable” delay you can always count on and I’m not aware of anything you can do at the panel to stop the signal from being transmitted. What you can do is quickly fan away the smoke from the detector so the smoke detector resets and stops telling the panels it’s in alarm before the control panel decides to transmit. The exact behavior of 24 hour fire with verifications is on page 27 of the manual:

For verification, this sensor type must be violated twice in two (2) minutes, or remain violated for 30 seconds. If any other fire sensor (verified sensor type or not) violates within two minutes, both sensors will cause a fire alarm.

So if smoke causes the detector to be violated, reset and then be violated again quickly the panel might transmit quickly. I haven’t done detailed testing to exactly how it would behave in that case. The safest bet is to call us immediately at 855-348-0367 and let us know it’s a false alarm.

...That being said, with 24 hour with verification... once it sets off and starts beeping and then the panel beeps...

The panel does not beep prior to a fire alarm activation.

I don’t use verification on my smokes, and I have had the occasional false alarm on my 2nd flr/kitchen/dining area 2GIG smoke due to oven (actually the most recent was just couple days ago)

Its not that big of a deal. Fan detector, clear smoke, reset alarm, and wait for the 2way voice/phone call.

I have not had a fire dispatch for a false smoke alarm and I have had my system for almost 4 years

Here is video of a 2GIG smoke (smkt2) activating (no verification) and the “beeping” delay (approx 5 sec) prior to full panel alarm activation

Good info to know - thank you all and a very happy holidays!