MyQ vs Z-Wave garage door control

Continuing the discussion from MyQ Support Changes Announcement:

If I am just starting to look into adding garage doors, non liftmaster brand opener, which should I be leaning towards for reliability, Linear Z-Wave Garage Controller (GD00Z) or MyQ Garage Universal Retrofit (821LM). I havent heard too many issues with the linear setups. I think I like the idea of keeping them z-wave, my wifi is beginning to get crowded with devices.

I recommend Z-Wave and the Linear GD00Z as long as you’re willing to ensure there is a strong Z-Wave path from the panel to the garage. I hear about more issues between MyQ devices and people’s WIFI & internet than I do Z-Wave & dual path cellular/internet. But either work well if they have a good connection.

Thank you for your input. I have a strong connection with both but I would like to keep my alarm system and equipment all on z-wave if possible.