MyQ smart hub debugging

I have 2 garage doors and one works every time but the other one usually fails. After it fails twice, ADC will disable it until I open or close it locally. How can I debug this so it’ll work at least most of the time…

ADC doesn’t disable it, the MyQ gateway itself has a safety override that blocks further attempts if the garage fails to close twice in a row.

A couple things to check:

  1. Sounds like this is the universal hub with tilt sensors, yes? Replace the battery in the tilt sensor. The unit will have a lot of trouble with status and controls if the tilt sensor cannot adequately report the door status all the time, and a weaker battery is a very common cause of problems.
  2. Make sure that door doesn’t have general issues with closing. If the safety eye is tripped, or if the motor has trouble moving the door due to misalignment it may cause an issue.
  3. Does that door ever work properly via remote command? If not you might need to delete that door and relearn it, as the RF may not have been paired successfully.

Ok, I’ll try those ideas out. Thanks.