MyQ questions

Over the past 3 days, I’ve been receiving error messages from about my garage door malfunction. I have a MyQ set up through Suretycam/ One such message was this morning around 7:00am stating:
“The Chamberlain Gatweay (1FBB) reported a Malfunction). etc”. During these times the garage has been closed. I’m not sure the cause of these messages but they are distressing as I wonder if something is going on at home. Luckily one of us has been home to visually check the garage doors, which are both closed. I haven’t had any changes with my home network that I know about. Thanks

This sounds awfully similar to this.

Are you still able to control the door remotely even when the system shows malfunction?

I would suggest trying a power cycle on both your router and gateway. If this does not stop the malfunctions, it may be best to remove the gateway and re-add it to your account. If the issue is with the MyQ servers, this should clear it.