MyQ Garage Woes..

Trying to figure out how far into the instructions that came with the MyQ system I should follow. I went from 1 to end and got the system working with the Chamberlain MyQ app.

Then to have it on my adc account, I have to remove it from the MyQ app.

Now, web panel for just times out when trying to find new devices. I guess I’ll make my 400th trip out to the garage and reset the hub. But then what? Right now the lights are steady green and amber. I believe that is programming mode according to instructions that came with it.

Maybe I should bring my pistol out with me this time.

Ok…much easier with two people. Got it.

No more rants…for now anyway.

The 821LM can be frustrating if you try to follow the paper directions. Once connecting it to your wifi, stop all paper instructions and move on to walks you through all remaining steps.

You were supposed to tell me that before I tried installing it.