MyQ garage question

I have an 821LM MYQ Garage integrated with my ADC account, however, my old Genie opener is kicking the bucket and I’ll be installing a Chamberlain opener that is MYQ enabled. Do you guys know if the new opener will integrate with the 821LM without the additional sensor unit? (I’ll move the sensor over to my other Genie opener that still does work)

This question is mine (thanks Holly). Just trying to figure out if I need to purchase an 828LM to go with the new opener (or getting a package that includes it) or if I can get by by using the existing 821LM as a gateway for the new MYQ opener (LW5000EV or WD962EV) without having to use a MYQ tilt sensor. The gateway seems like overkill since I only need to control two garage doors and the ability to add lights doesn’t interest me since I do that automation through ADC…

The 821 universal MyQ wireless hub will not work with a door without the additional sensor. Typically, with a MyQ compatible overhead controller you could just use the 828 and 888 LM parts (the Gateway and the wall button.) The 888 or equivalent button typically comes with the overhead controller so you may only need the Gateway.

Hmm, this seems like conflicting information based on searching I’ve done. It seems to be a compatible accessory for the opener in question which will have the MYQ wall button already. I also called Chamberlain/Liftmaster and they said it would work as long as the production date on the opener was after october or november of 2014…

I guess I’ll just have to test it out. I see no sense in having an 821LM and an 828LM plugged in so I can control both my non-Myq Genie door and the new Chamberlain when it seems logical that I should be able to do both on the 821LM…

Ah, well that may be if it is new as of a few months ago. If the 821 can now receive door status directly from an 888, then yes. To my knowledge, it could only do that with the tilt sensor before. I can verify that info and update this post.

Right on. I haven’t found anyone with direct experience doing what I intend to do so I guess I’ll just have test it out and report back. The MyQ enabled openers don’t require a tilt sensor for door status so it reasons to me that they are already capable of reporting a status to the 821LM but I don’t have direct experience (yet).

I was trying to avoid buying the opener with the 828LM included if I don’t have to. Thankfully the LM500EV opener is “on sale” today which makes it cheaper by the exact price of an 828LM gateway compared to the price of the HD930EV which includes the 828LM. :slight_smile: Net result is if the 821LM works, I save $50. :slight_smile:

Alright, as I originally thought, the 821LM cannot directly communicate with an 888LM or equivalent wall button in order to retrieve door status. The 821LM can only pull door status from the tilt sensor. You can of course treat the Chamberlain overhead controller as you would any other and use an additional sensor and control the unit from the 821, but you would indeed require the door tilt sensor.

The 888LM or equivalent wall button only communicates with the internet gateway (828LM or equivalent)

I wish I had come across this site 72 hours ago. ADC installer shows up to install his first MYQ Garage door system… After 4 hours and no avail he promised to come back with knowledge. After he didn’t show I took matters into my own hands.

Took me about 2 hours to figure out that I didn’t need to configure anything with the device and do it all through ADC. Have had my bridge and doors removed from ADC about three times until I figured out that even though I was installing a MYQ, you don’t pick that and pick the garage door opener make… This screen needs to be redesigned.

Got it to the point that both of my doors are on the system… My problem is they don’t operate independently. Both go up and down at the same time. Any ideas, was hoping it was an ADC configuration thing, but not the case. Really want to figure this out before the installer comes back out…

When the MyQ Garage hub sends a command to open your garage door, it sends the same kind of wireless rolling code signal that your garage door remotes send. The hub just behaves like a wireless remote. If it’s not opening them independently then it seems like there are 2 possibilities. Either both garage door openers are programmed to use the same rolling code sequence so that when it sends a command for one it’s accepted by both… Or something is messed up in the MyQ/ADC configuration that’s causing it to send the command for both doors instead of just one.

What model garage door openers do you have?

During setup with, when you got to the point where you “Add Device” to the MyQ Gateway/Hub, you didn’t happen to somehow add both openers at the same time did you? Each of your garage door openers is a separate device. You should have to do that step twice, once for each opener. That step pairs the garage door with a new rolling code sequence.

Thanks for the help. I have added them as two separate devices. I have gone back and done a factory restore to eliminate what was already programmed into the device.

I have two Chamberlain whisper drive openers that both have purple buttons to program. I think the issue is MYQ is sending same rolling code. I have only added one remote and both doors go up. They don’t operate incorrectly when using their supplied remotes

If the other garage door is not added as a MyQ device then it should not respond when the code for the first opener is sent. When you pair a garage door opener and a remote the remote sends its rolling code sequence and the opener adds that sequence to it’s list of code sequences it will accept. For some reason either the MyQ hub keeps using the same code sequence for both openers or the first sequence is somehow getting added into the second opener when you pair the MyQ hub with the first opener.

An opener can usually only store 5-10 code sequences so if you re-pair your normal remotes 10 times or so it should flush the MyQ hub’s sequence out of the second openers memory.

I deleted all the paired remotes by holding down purple button on one opener… may have to do that on the second one.

This finally worked… in my frustration yesterday evening I must have paired at the same time… but deleting all worked great.

Some advice for others…

If you are installing a MYQ yourself - Setup the Wifi for your bridge first and do not do any of the other supplied instructions by Liftmaster.

Go to ADC and enter your bridge serial number under EM / Garage / Devices - you will need to add each of your openers… even though you are installing a MyQ system, don’t pick the MyQ option.

Add your openers,follow the prompts and all should be fine.

Yes, you definitely want to follow the ADC prompts when setting up your 821LM, rather than use the manufacturer’s instructions. It goes a lot smoother that way.

The drop down menu will ask you to select the appropriate make of your Overhead controller, so make sure to choose the proper specific selection.

Well, I’m absolutely thrilled to report that my Chamberlain LW5000EV MyQ enabled opener with 880LM control panel did in fact pair directly to the 821LM My Garage hub WITHOUT an additional gateway and WITHOUT a MyQ tilt sensor (041D7924-1) as I had hoped and theorized it would. Yay!

I now have an Genie Intellicode II opener using the tilt sensor that came with with the My Garage (821LM) and the LW5000EV Chamberlain opener working together on the same 821LM. Both devices show up on and I can control them separately.

Some notes and observations on the install:

  1. To add the MyQ opener, I just logged into ADC, went to Garage Doors, clicked 'Add Device" and selected “Add MyQ Enabled device (e.g. MyQ Control Panel (888LM) or MyQ enabled Garage Door opener)”. When the 821LM was in learn mode (solid orange light), I went to the 880LM control panel, went into settings and chose “MyQ Programming” and hit the little “action button”. The Opener light flashed once and that was it!
  2. The new MyQ opener doesn’t seem to be tied to the “1” or “2” button on the 821LM which means I might be able to control more than 2 doors if I had other Chamberlain MyQ enabled openers?
  3. Unlike the 828LM, the 821LM is wireless so I don’t have to have anything hardwired into my router! It’s basically a “Wireless gateway” as far as I’m concerned!
  4. I wasn’t sure if the 821LM would flash and beep when closing the LW5000EV like it does when closing another brand door with the tilt sensor (041D7924-1). Happy to report everything works as expected and the LW5000EV does it’s own light flash and local beep and the 821LM does nothing (still flashes and beeps when I close the Genie opener).
  5. The manufacture date on my LW5000EV is December 2014 and it has a yellow antenna wire.

Alright! Well that is excellent news and contrary to prior operation. Definitely a smart move on the manufacturer’s part.

I believe you mentioned that a rep you had spoken to noted an October 2014 or later manufacturing date requirement for the opener?

I am rather perplexed that it wouldn’t be tied to a spot on the 821LM, although it isn’t the same type of learning process (with non-MyQ openers it simply communicates same as a standard keyfob with the opener.)


The Chamberlain rep didn’t know the answer directly and put me on hold to find out if what I wanted to do would work, she came back and said as long as it was manufactured after Oct or November 2014 (can’t recall exactly) it would work. That said, I’m not exactly sure this is accurate and the rep didn’t exude confidence at all in what she was telling me. It seems to me, that any MyQ enabled opener has to natively be able to determine whether the opener is opened or closed already just to work with an 828LM so why wouldn’t it communicate the same info to the 821LM? If my buddy ever gets his 888LM upgrade kit for his older Sears opener, maybe I’ll drag my 821LM over there and go through the hassle of joining his wireless and seeing if I can add his opener…

Also, the fact that the ADC site lists the option to add a MYQ device in the “add device” menu gave me a lot of confidence that it would work. It was definitely tricky to find a definitive answer but I hope my scenario and testing helps others. To me, the 821LM is more desirable and versatile than the 828LM and I’m so glad I could make it all work.

It was a nice upgrade path for my scenario where I had an older opener already setup on the 821LM but the opener stopped working properly so I upgraded to a MyQ enabled opener and was able to save a little money by buying a kit that didn’t include an 828LM gateway. I was also able to move the tilt sensor over to my third garage bay and control that older opener (something I hadn’t yet done previously because I just hadn’t purchased a second door sensor for the 821LM, glad I hadn’t!).