MyQ Garage door

Hi - My Chamberlain MyQ garage doors no longer show on the console and I get a 171F error in the mobile phone app. I assume I need to remove and re-add the gateway?

Happy to help. Yes, it looks like the malfunction is being reported for the Gateway itself, which typically indicates that it can no longer communicate. If it is a Wifi hub installed in the garage and you have made changes to your wifi settings, ssid/network key or replaced your router, you would need to reconnect the Gateway to the network.

If this is a gateway wired into your router, be sure that it has not been unplugged for some reason.

In either case, if you would like to have the gateway removed to re-install, please confirm and we’d be happy to send a command which will clear it from ADC and also clear the MyQ registration so it can be immediately re-learned.