MyQ Garage Control unreliable

I have frequent (several times a week) problems with the MyQ not working correctly. The problem surfaces as two ways, either the controls via ADC fail or the garage status is inaccurate. I bought a garage door sensor and have it mounted on the door as well, as I cannot trust the MyQ fed status for the door being open/closed.

The MyQ has proved to be one of the most unreliable pieces of “home automation” I have ever purchased, and my house has several different automation platforms in use.

Currently I am getting this (see attached image) from the ADC page and commands are failing.


Sometimes a simple opening and closing of the garage door from the wall control can restore communication issues. Have you tried this?

Where is the MyQ Hub installed in relation to the opener? Roughly how far away is it mounted?

Have you attempted to delete the controller and re-learn it into the gateway?

What about replacing the battery on the door sensors?

Russel, I have had the same issues as you since removing my 100% reliable z-wave Linear garage controllers for two doors. I replaced them with the myQ system to be compatible with ADC. MyQ has been randomly giving me unreliable door status several times per week. This happens a bit more frequently in cold weather. The problems I am having are always with the door tilt sensors. When I cycle the door open/closed or physically go to the garage and remove/reposition or even tap on them it usually corrects to actual position which is then displayed via ADC. Obviously I cannot inspect or tap on them when I am not home. I have replaced them with new sensors multiple times. ADC has troubleshooted this with me but it is always a hardware issue.

I have an IQ panel and will go back to Linnear controllers if they are ever made compatible with Qolsys and ADC.

or physically go to the garage and remove/reposition or even tap on them it usually corrects to actual position which is then displayed via ADC

Interesting, as this would suggest an actual physical issue with the sensor if you only need to tap it instead of change orientation and change back again. (Tilt it manually)

If all you need to do is tap it, the tilt element may be getting stuck. Can you post an image of how it is mounted on the door?

Yes I think the element is occasionally getting stuck. After a firm tap or two I can hear it change position in tilt sensor unit and the garage door position will shortly correct itself via the myQ controller. Here are some photos of how my tilt sensors are mounted. Sometimes when we physically close the garage door its position via the sensor and ADC continues to indicate “open” and will not update. Other times when the garage door has been closed for hours the position will randomly change to “open” without any door movement and I am notified that the door has opened when it hasn’t moved. This occurs with both garage doors. I have replaced both units and wonder if I should relocate them away from the metal brackets…?

Moving them off of the metal brackets and away from the rails may indeed help if the issue is related to signalling. Metal is very good at soaking up RF frequencies and drastically reducing range.

Typically in a garage environment this will not be an issue given the proximity of the hub, but it is worth a shot.

I’m more familiar with the Liftmaster branded version of these parts, but I do not believe there are any manufacturing differences.

If you have replaced the Tilt sensors, signalling may be an issue.